Massage Grand Cayman – After Care

After receiving a massage with Perfectly Pampered Cayman, there are a number of things a client should do to get the most benefits out of your session.

1. Water

If we had to choose just one piece of massage aftercare advice, it would be this: drink plenty of water. Why drink water after a massage?

During a massage, built-up toxins are released. These toxins need to be expelled from your body. Your kidneys do the brilliant job of eliminating toxins from your system and they need water to work and push these free radicals out.

If you’re feeling lingering soreness after a deeper massage, water is also the primary solution. Simply drinking some extra water can help to shift soreness.

Massages can also be dehydrating. Cayman is a nice warm environment and your massage therapist is actively encouraging your soft tissues to expel water. So the best thing to do after a massage is drink a lot of water to get your hydration back up.

2. Stay relaxed

One of the best ways to capitalise on the post-massage feeling is to stay relaxed. Don’t rush back out into normal life. Instead, enjoy us coming to you and stumble back into bed or onto the couch for a little while. We also really recommend relaxing the mind as well as the body. Put on some peaceful music, meditate, or simply read a good book.

3. Avoid alcohol or caffeine

We promise that abstaining from caffeine or alcohol for at least 12 hours or so after a massage will make you feel extra wonderful. Both are dehydrating and won’t help your body eliminate the toxins that are on the move thanks to the massage.

4. Take it easy

Strenuous activity is best avoided for 12-24 hours after a massage as it will help ensure you benefit from relaxed muscles and overcome any lingering soreness. Getting back to high impact activity straight after a massage will simply halt the good post-massage feeling you’re trying to hold onto.

However, whilst we recommend some relaxation and avoiding strenuous activity, don’t stay completely still either. If you’re back at a desk or screen, make sure you get up and move about occasionally. In the few hours after a massage, do some gentle stretches. This is one of the top tips we give people for how to relieve pain after massage. Move around, or go for a gentle walk.

6. Book another massage!

Mentally you’ll hold onto that post-massage feeling longer if you know you’ve got your next massage already booked in. You can look forward to knowing that it won’t be long until you are in blissful massage heaven again.

7. Listen to your massage therapist

There are lots of different types of massage. At Perfectly Pampered we offer a wide selection of massages to suit your needs. Whichever type of massage you choose, your professional massage therapist will give you tailored post-massage aftercare advice.

8. Correct your posture

A massage can really help to loosen muscles, enabling you to avoid the niggling pain of poor posture. However, if immediately after a massage you simply go back to your old poor posture habits then the same issue will build up again. Use the post-massage hours to keep your posture in check so that muscles relax into place with ease.

9. Don’t overeat

Overindulging can swiftly eliminate the good feeling from your massage. Instead, eat lightly and nutritiously. Your knowledge that you are treating your body in the right way, without processed sugars or carb heavy meals, will add to your sense of wellness.

10. How to relieve pain after massage

If you’ve had an intense deep massage, or your therapist was working hard on a particular tense spot, you may be experiencing some discomfort. Pain after a massage isn’t a bad thing per se. Headaches, soreness and sluggishness are all normal after-effects of a good massage, particularly a deep one. They can be signs that muscle tenseness has been released and toxins are making their way out of your system. But it’s important to know how to relieve pain after a massage so that you can get back to basking in your post-massage glow.

All of the tips above will help. However, in addition, don’t push yourself. You can use an ice pack or soothe sore muscles in the bath. If it’s a headache that’s plaguing you then drink plenty of water.

Some residual soreness, mild headache, increased urination and thirstiness are all normal.