Cindy Ballaman - Perfectly Pampered Cayman Massage Therapists.

Cindy Ballaman – Perfectly Pampered Cayman Massage Therapists.

I love living abroad and need to be surrounded by different languages and cultures. Secondly, I love escaping from the freezing winter in Switzerland.

My concept of living is to follow the flow of universe therefore, the destinations that I am sent to are always full of amazing and positive adventures. Having the opportunity to work in Grand Cayman as a mobile beauty therapist with Perfectly Pampered Cayman gives me the privilege to discover incredible homes that offer stunning views. Working, watching, and listening to the waves, feeling the nice and refreshing breeze on my skin as well as observing animals such as lizards, birds, crabs is a huge life blessing. Thanks to this I am able to keep giving treatments that are full of energy and earth vibrations.

Allow me to transport you to a place of complete bliss, wherever that may be. Book a treatment today with our wonderful therapist Cindy. Cindy offers all types of massage, facials and manicures and pedicures and will leave you feeling completely relaxed.

Photo Credit – Joseph Linder Photography